Spring has Sprung and everyone is spring cleaning just about EVERYTHING!
But have you let it slipped your mind that your Gut needs a spring clean too!

Summer is literally just around the corner so this is the best time to shed your winter weight and kick start your health eating habits!

Why does your body need a cleanse? 
– In winter we tend to find comfort and warmth through food that makes us feel good. These meals are often heavy in carbohydrates and refined sugars. Just think back at all the sweet warm gooey desserts after a heavy carb loaded dinner which ends up putting you in a major food coma!
– there aren’t many things to do in winter and a lot of activities to meet up with your mates often revolve around food. Way too cold to go to the beach or have a bike ride, why not have dinner instead?

What is a detox?
A detox is when an individual abstains from certain foods and habits that aids the liver to cleanse the body of toxins. A detox program is a great way to help start a healthy active lifestyle and also gives your liver a rest from processing all the unhealthy foods you tend to eat.

What do you need to cut out in your life to achieve an effective cleanse?
– refined sugar
– unnatural sources of caffeine
– alcohol
– Dairy e.g. milk and cheese
– anything white such as bread, pasta and rice

– Cleanse the body of toxins
– help to regulate Bowel movements without the USE of dangerous laxatives
– need more energy to last you through the day
– kick start your journey to a healthy and active lifestyle
– help to control unnecessary food cravings

What to look for in a great detox program?
– high in fibre: preferably have 2 types of fibre
1) soluble fibre: help to clump everything in your gut wall
2) insoluble fibre: help to flush our all the waste from your
–  has essential fats
– all your essential vitamins and minerals
– high in antioxidants
– has the protein
– and has the right amount of carbohydrates to function throughout the day
– a program which helps you to reset your metabolism that makes sure that you are eating regularly


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