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Lashed By Kerstin Sherie

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Hello Lovely Ladies!

I made a decision  to learn the art of eyelash extensions application and become a certified eyelash technician in 2010 after  I was obsessed with getting them done myself. After feeling more confident, waking up with having to do less make up and having hassle free beautiful eyes all the time, I wanted to learn for myself and pass that confidence to the women around me!

Starting off with my family and friends, referrals and word of mouth got me to where I am today. Something I said I would stop once I finished my Masters has become one of my greatest passions to this day!

Just that feeling after I see the faces of my clients after they get a fresh new set or after an infill appointment- it’s PRICELESS!

I also want to show other eye lash technicians that we all had to start somewhere and NOT to give up! besides, you can NOT rush perfection right?

I will be uploading videos soon for other CERTIFIED lash technicians to help them with finding their own unique techniques and what works for them. These videos will also help educate our potential clients who want to know more about the process.

Wedding ready 🙌🏼 Watch video til the end 😊 #eyelashextensions

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If you are EITHER a certified eyelash technician or a customer who wants to know more please feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. In the meantime, you can follow me on instagram where I also share mini clips, tips and photos.

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