GLUTEN FREE protein pancakes

I’ve tried a similiar pancake recipe before but I found that the consistency was way too runny so that when I put it on the frying pan, it was too thin! This morning I decided to add 1 serving (sachet) of dutch chocolate nutrimeal and it turned to a thicker consistency.


  • 2 eggs (yes yolks included!)
  • 2 medium to large bananas
  • 1 serving of dutch chocolate nutrimeal- or if you have the bulk pack 3 scoops (if you don’t have nutrimeal, you can put 60g of your own protein powder)
  • Dash of water (10-30mL) depending on how thick you like it


  1. Place all ingredients into a nutribullet
  2. if you still have powdery bits on the side from your nutrimeal, add a little bit more water and then blend again (slowly add water, you don’t want it to get too watery)
  3. keep checking to see if everything is blended in
  4. put your pan on low heat and add some coconut oil
  5. slowly put the mixed ingredients into the pan and make sure its around 1/2 cm thick as big as you want ( I would suggest starting off really small)
  6. when you see the pancakes to start smoothly forming around the edges and the pancakes have bubbles through the mixture, carefully flip the pancake over


  • start off with a smaller sized pancake until you get the hang of the consistency, the flourless mixture is a bit more delicate than normal
  • once you get used to the consistency, you can put the temperature to low to medium setting
  • add any other fresh fruits on top of the pancakes

Let me know how it goes for you guys (especially if you’re not using a nutribullet) , and let me know if you found a better way to make them!


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