Discover the BENEFITS of yoga

Every time I go to yoga, I honestly feel a sense of relaxation and it’s a time of me get my head in focus. Between the downward dogs, cobras, tree pose and sweat,  I somehow find myself constantly contemplating on how great yoga is helping me and how it would definitely help my patients with their strength and flexibility.

 I can completely understand why people get so addicted to yoga as it nourishes your mind, body & spine all in one session! Of course, continuous and consistent classes are much more effective than doing yoga once a year. 

 Ten awesome Benefits of Yoga

  • helps relieve stress
  •  helps you deal with anxiety- my yoga teacher is a psychologist and I was having a conversation with her before and she mentioned that she is getting an influx of students in her yoga class due to many suffering anxiety
  • gives you the needed alone time
  • teaches you how to meditate which is so important when you just want to slow down the pace of your life and take a breather. Many classes have meditation incorporated in their class
  • helps to build your postural muscles
  • helps with your balance and proprioception- we have come to an age where a LOT of people have adopted a sedentary lifestyle and some muscles end up becoming quite underactive. Or we have really overactive muscles that fire and activate when our underactive muscles don’t (to try to compensate). When we stop using muscles, our body thinks we don’t need it reduces the firing pattern of that muscle to work they way it normally would. We then lose something called “proprioception”. When we start yoga, we start balancing and doing poses which re-activates these underactive muscles and we start to gain proprioception again when the muscles are being stimulated and pathways re-activated.
  • We often lose proprioception when we also injure ourselves, so those with previous injuries will benefit too
  • helps you lengthen and stretch our very tight and overactive muscles therefore becoming less irritated and having less trigger points
  •  gives you great flexibility and strength to improve musculoskeletal function
  • you learn a sense of patience- you are not going to get certain moves/postures straight away and for some people it often leaves them with a feeling of frustration. If you continue to do yoga, you’ll understand that patience with yourself is more rewarding and will lead you to be able to do a pose

What other benefits have you noticed since starting yoga? 

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