Warm Lemon Water a Day will help keep the wrinkles away!

About a year ago I was lucky enough to meet a woman who owned a very busy beauty salon who gave it all up to pursue her dreams and become an entrepreneur, where she focused on nutrition because she believed beauty started from the inside out. When I met her she was extremely beautiful for her age and a question she gets asked quite often is.. What is your beauty secret? Besides her revealing her supplement regimen, and skin care routine, she told us her number 1 Beauty tip was “LEMON WATER”. We were actually all surprised,  she starts the day with something so SIMPLE. So from then on I always put the effort to start my day with a glass of warm lemon water.

5 Benefits of Lemon Water

  1. Extremely Rich source of Vitamin C
    • good for collagen production- helps skin to maintain the elasticity and keeps the skin looking youthful and plump
    • boosts immune system especially during the cold winter days

2. helps boosts and stimulates metabolism first thing in the morning which helps to get rid of toxins in your body

3.   although a lot of citrus fruits are normally labelled as “acidic” in the culinary world, as the lemon enters your body it becomes more alkaline hence balancing your pH levels

4. citrus fruits contain pectin fibre which is a form soluble dietary fibre. This helps promote better digestion and weight loss (also a way of the body getting rid of toxins)

5. warm water helps to stimulate the GIT and the mechanism to help you digest (peristalsis)

Tip for beginners: start the lemon water with quarter to half a lemon and once you build up the tolerance for the sour taste, increase the dose of lemon OR you can just add more water and dilute from there

Comment below and tell me how YOU like to start off your day 🙂

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