Initiation into the wonderful world of yoga!

So, on Tuesday I finally ticked off something that’s been on my ‘to do’ list for quite some time now. I did my very first class of yoga! annnnd guess what!? I absolutely loved it! I found it very challenging but yet so relaxing at the same time. 

What attracted me to yoga was the deep sense of calmness and serenity, and the ability to switch off. Something I definitely need more in my life! During my first lesson, we get taught that everything is done at our own pace and we really have to focus on what our body is trying to tell us. It’s really about connecting your mind and body.

After yoga, she did a little bit of meditation and I enjoyed that too! I noticed that these days we all tend to over think, over stress (well that’s something I definitely do!)  and so it was actually quite nice for me to take some time out and participate. Don’t get me wrong though, both meditation and yoga are quite hard. Yogis just make it look so smooth and easy transitioning from one pose to the next. Definitely looking forward to that stage and I can really see the benefits of having yoga a part of your life. Hopefully I stay motivated to keep going!


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