Sneak Peak from our photoshoot

We were very blessed to have beautiful weather on Sunday. After a week of unpredictable weather, it cleared up perfectly for our engagement photoshoot. It was still a bit wet in the grass lands but I didn’t mind.

Look at that amazing sunset!! One of the reasons Matt & I fell in love with this place..

Our photographer Marie from Lil Elements was very quick to set up her styling and did an amazing job with it! She had beautiful pieces which really put a magical feel to it. She also made me a beautiful flower crown, swing and a bouquet. My makeup was done by my sister-in-law Rhodora who was once a make up artist and she did such a beautiful job with my make up. Exactly how I pictured it’ll be!


It’s only been 2 days since the shoot, so we haven’t received our copies yet. We’ve only seen the ones that have been posted on Facebook which is pretty fast editing!

All the photos in this post are sneak peaks taken with my phone 🙂 I’ll upload the others when I receive the final photos in high resolution. Looking forward to how they turned out


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