Room Tour Video: Overwater Bungalow in Maldives

I was so excited that we chose Maldives as our honeymoon destination as I saw so many gorgeous photos of this iconic place. We knew that if we were going to the Maldives, we definitely needed to have an overwater bungalow to have that whole ‘Maldivian’ Experience. So glad we did because we were surrounded by gorgeous BLUE water and seriously felt like we had the ocean to ourselves.

I remember when I was looking to see what our travel Agent chose, I wanted to have a look at the room before I said ‘yes’ but unfortunately there weren’t any clips of it. So here is a little room tour for those who are staying at the Maldives and need suggestions. I really LOVED staying here, and would recommend it to anyone! (scroll down for video 🙂 )


Our Bed and couch Area


View from our Bed – imagine waking up to this every. single. morning.


Access to the ocean from our balcony where you can snorkel and swim whenever you want


View from our balcony


Day Bed for Chilling out & Relaxing on our Sun Deck


Front of the Bungalow


As you could just imagine, it was seriously paradise and I think the way to maximise the BEAUTY of Maldives is by experiencing their overwater bungalow.





If you want to know more about the room we got, feel free to comment below or get in contact with me 🙂

Kerstin Sherie xx

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