Video: Activities at Anantara Veli & Dhigu Maldives

As I mentioned in my previous post, Anantara has a collection of three islands in Maldives but only 2 of them is accessible to ALL guests. You might think that Maldives is a place where you can get bored after a few days, but I can tell you that there is SO much to do, you will not get bored at all!

My hubby and I stayed on the Island for 7 nights and we had so much fun, there was not one boring moment at all! we always found something to do. We met a mother and daughter who were staying for 12 days and they didn’t get bored at all either. The best part is that there are SOOOO many beautiful colours of blues and it ALWAYS changes depending on the depth of the water or the clouds during the day but i can tell you, you will be amazed with all the gorgeous colours. You can see all the different shades in my photos but i guarantee you that when you go to Maldives it might look the same, but chances are you’ll get another shade or tone of blue. Just breathtaking!

So what is there to do at Anantara Veli and Anantara Dhigu? HEAAAAPS!!! (video at the end of post)

What to do:

Paddle Boarding– hire a stand up paddle board and discover the islands! you’ll be able to see so many gorgeous blues around the resort. You do have limits on where you can paddle board, but the vicinity is so large, you have a lot of room. You need a lot of core strength to balance on the paddle board so It’s also a great way to get your daily exercise and discover little places along the way. We hired ours from the surf shop and they give it out in 2 hour intervals so make sure you have no other events booked in during the day.


Kayaking– if you’re not confident in stand up paddle boarding you also have the option to kayak. We were lucky that kayaks were complimentary to our resort. We just had to return it after 2 hours, but you can hire them daily if you wanted to. I loved kayaking and stand up paddle boarding as you were able to go around the resort- places where you can’t snorkel or swim to.


Eat– so many great restaurants to Eat at this resort. I THINK from my memory, there were up to 9 restaurants. Guests from Anantara Veli were allowed to go to any restaurant between Veli & Dhigu. But Guests with Children, staying at Anantara Dhigu were only allowed to come to Veli at night to use the restaurants. There were options of fine dining, Italian, Japanese. Burgers and pizza in a casual setting and also Thai. Tip: if you are planning to eat dinner and you know where you are going to eat, make sure you book your table asap so you avoid disappointment. Trust us- I’m telling you from my experience hehe

Dinner By Design– This was a gorgeous experience! Matt and I got a complimentary honeymoon dinner from Anantara Veli as part of our package but we really wanted another experience where we could choose the menu and where to have it. So this dinner was an added extra we paid for but it was a beautiful set up! You basically get to choose the location of your dinner and what time you wanted to start being served. You also get to choose the menu and the style that you want it to be cooked. I might actually do a separate post on this and show you the meals we chose. The location we chose was called the “wave Breaker” and you’re basically secluded area where the waves meet the resort. What made it special was that it was only Matt and I in this area and we had our own butler serving us. Felt so romantic!

dinner by design

Snorkel– Another activity that was complimentary was snorkelling. You just have to pick up your mask and fins at the dive shop and return it when you check out. This was so handy as anywhere you can dip your feet in, there were already beautiful fish by your side. we were really lucky because from our room, there was access into the ocean and we can start snorkelling from there. There were bright coral outside our balcony.

Swing– Theres a swing in the middle of Anantara Dhigu Resort. If you are staying at Veli, all you need to do is catch the pontoon boat to Dhigu and on your way to the resort, you’ll see on the right hand side of the island (when heading from Veli to Dhigu) and there’s a swing. heheh try and aim to go at low tide because the swing is quite hard to get up when its high tide. hahah lucky I was able to get up, but i remember just watching a few ladies trying to hoist themselves up and let’s just say.. they weren’t very lady like. hahaha I’m sure i looked like them too!


Hammock– In the middle of the ocean at Dhigu is a hammock. You can swim to it from the shore but the easiest thing we did was kayaked and paddle boarded our way to it. It’s on a sand bar so you can stand up when you are there. It was so cool and beautiful to go on it. You are literally in the middle of the ocean, and the view and water from there was just amazing. If you are lucky enough, you can just chill there without anyone lining up to use it.



As you can see, there are SO many things to do when you’re here. Matt & I really wanted a relaxing holiday so we stayed on the resort BUT if you want to explore more of the islands you can always catch a boat to better snorkelling places and even explore Male. If you’ve been to Maldives or plan to go, what was/is on your bucket list of things to do? Comment below 🙂

Here is a Video of all the activities we did at Anantara Veli & Dhigu. Skip to 0:17s for Maldives clip:


Have a gorgeous day!

Kerstin Sherie xx

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