Room Tour Video: Kamil Villa Seminyak Bali

As you may or may not know from our  YouTube videos , Matt & I went on our second honeymoon. We were supposed to go to Europe mid this year but I’ll save that for another blog post 😉 .  It was pretty much a last minute trip where we booked a month before we would have to depart Sydney. We knew we wanted to go somewhere in June but didn’t choose destinations until closer to the date.
For our first honeymoon, we went to Maldives and our purpose was to REALLY enjoy each other’s company and relax with no one around. To just hang out with each other and not be disturbed. Pretty much just relaxing and rejuvenating from the lead up to our wedding. That week was so HECTIC!
So for our honeymoon 2- we chose to go somewhere we can explore and do more adventurous things. So we chose Bali & Philippines. A factor that lead to that conclusion was that it was close by and we didn’t want to spend too much time travelling to a destination. We wanted the complete opposite to our experience in Maldives. It’s only a 5 hour flight to Bali as opposed to an almost 20 hour travel time to Maldives.
A few of my friends have been to Bali already and a lot of them advised that they preferred to stay in a Villa as it would be your own little sanctuary. And it definitely was.
We found Kamil Villas through . We booked most of our accommodation through this site as we compared so many sites and found that this had cheaper deals with the same hotel rooms.  What I normally do when I book accommodation through here is that I look for a hotel I like and then I would go to and have a look at their reviews and see how it gets rated. You can also see the traveller’s photos of that place and see how they really are, instead of seeing biased photos from the actual hotel. It definitely helps if you are particular about your standards in hotel room.
With Kamil villas though, I must admit, I was a bit hesitant because I think it only had 3 reviews on Tripadvisor at that time but I later found out it had just opened early this year so that’s why it didn’t have many reviews. I also looked through their instagram and it did look very new.
Glad we went here because it was awesome! The staff were great and they would help us when they can or even lead us in the right direction.
Our flight was Delayed by 5 hours so instead of getting there at 4pm, we arrived at the Villa at 10pm and our lovely Villa manager stayed behind to greet us and give us an orientation.
You have to communicate very well with Kamil Villas and if you need any changes e.g. your flight is delayed, you should notify them straight away because their office closes at 7pm. They can arrange for you to have a late check in IF you tell/ask them and also organise a driver to pick you up too.
The villa had very strong internet connection which was a MAJOR plus for us as we had a business call scheduled for when we were in Seminyak. It was also really handy for us to research the restaurants around us or anything that we needed. How long it would take you to get to certain places and etc.
It had its own private pool, a jacuzzi tub, an outdoor shower and Kamil Villas re-stocked  our bathroom everyday with a vanity kit with a shaver, shower cap, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoos and conditioners. Always well stocked.
It came with a mini fridge but the Villa is so close to EAT Street, you didn’t need to get anything from the fridge because you had access to the supermarket, bars and restaurants.
I would definitely recommend staying here, it was in a lovely location in Seminyak and was close to potato head, ku de ta beach clubs, awesome cafes and restaurants  (i’ll do another blog post with more restaurants )  and it was just a gorgeous place to stay when you come back from your daily activities to just chill out. It was very well lit at night, so night swimming was also beautiful too!

If you have any questions, please comment below and I’ll help you out as much as I can!

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