Video: Anantara Veli Maldives

What can I say?! Anantara Veli is an exceptional resort to stay and was PERFECT for our honeymoon. Our resort was 1 of 3 islands all joined together to make the resort. Only 2 of the islands were accessible to everyone via a short pontoon boat ride, but the other part consisted of very luxurious and secluded villas which had proper docks for their own private yacht or boat to fit.

The island that we stayed at was an ADULTS only resort, and kids were only allowed to come at night  to use our restaurants. This surprisingly made a difference to our stay. I have so many kids in my family and I love and adore them so when we were booking our resort, I didn’t really mind what we chose so that wasn’t part of the factors that made us decide on this resort. It was actually really  different  having no kids around. There was a sense of serenity around the bungalows and made us feel even more secluded. I didn’t notice the difference until we went to Dhigu for water activities which was the more family orientated resort.

Anantara Veli’s customer service was AMAZING! we arrived at the airport at around 10pm local time and we were greeted by the captain of the boat and 4 or 5 other staff members. They offered us a cold towel and cold drink to freshen ourselves up and prepare ourselves for the 35 min boat ride.  The airport is literally surrounded by water so all we saw were water taxis as soon as you exit the airport.

when we arrived at our resort, we had a little welcome ceremony with drums and we were escorted to our rooms. When we had our little orientation of the resort, we were welcomed with a cute honeymoon platter which had macarons, strawberry coated in chocolate, mud cake and a bottle of champagne. It was such a good welcome after such a long day of travelling.

The Staff took great care of us during our stay at the resort. They were so friendly and also willing to help us in any way they could.

Because it was our honeymoon, our package gave us a few extra perks which made it feel even more romantic! these were the inclusions we got when we booked the overwater bungalow.  

  • USD50.00 credit towards a spa treatment
  •  one candlelit set 3 course dinner for two in a secluded venue at the resort.
  • AND  USD500.00 CREDIT to go towards your room account that can be used for food, drinks and spa. 

Down below, is a clip of just the highlights of what my husband and I got up to in Maldives.

I will put a video of just the room tour and another blog post so that you know the type of room we got and see if it;s the one you would like to stay in.  I will also put Vlogs on our youtube channel about what we got up to while we were on our honeymoon 🙂

I loved my experience at Anantara Veli so much, I’m really hoping to go back for an anniversary or another special occasion! I really recommend staying here too! If you have any questions you’d like to ask and you can’t find it in my other blogposts, please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Where did you go on your honeymoon? I would love to hear the destinations you chose or if you’re not married yet, where would your dream honeymoon be? comment below, i would love to hear your answers!

Have a beautiful day,

Kerstin Sherie xx

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