When we decided to move to London, we didn’t have our housing situation figured out yet (YOLO!) So we were pretty much living in and out of our suitcase staying in our friends living room or house sitting (thank you to everyone who helped us!) When we got back from our trip fromItaly and Paris, we had organised to move into and take over our friends lease as they had to move out earlier (so it all worked out). Only problem is we had another 2 weeks until they moved out. I couldn’t live in someone else’s living room for another 2 weeks so we booked a spontaneous trip to Croatia! I’ve always wanted to do a road trip in Croatia. so we planned that we would at least do it from one city to the next.


I had a few things I wanted to go while I was in Croatia.
Just to name a few they were:
  • visiting the KRKA National Park
  • Plitvice Lakes
  • Split
  • Blue Grotto (since I missed out in Italy)
  • Truffle Hunting
  • Roman Ampitheatre (yes in Croatia!)

After planning which croatian cities we wanted to go according to the activities and sites we wanted to do and see. We decided that we would leave out Dubrovnik and instead hire a car from Split and make our way through to Zadar. We thought we’d save Dubrovnik for another time and include other countries too.

Zadar was such an incredible town which has one of the most amazing uninterrupted sunsets I’ve ever seen! It was probably my favourite town in Croatia. Also, having a car in Zadar was so handy!  It was such a good base and so convenient to get to amazing national parks KRKA and Plitvice Lakes (UNESCO World Heritage) and also the gorgeous beaches in Zadar.




When we were going to pick up our car from the Port in Split, our Uber driver was asking us where we were going to next. We told her we were going to Zadar as our next destination and stopping by KRKA national Park. She was very surprised we didn’t mention Trogir at all. It was a very popular destination was any locals and started to become a must see for tourists too. It was on our way to Krka National Park so we decided to make a pit stop.


Trogir Is a tiny little town that is completely surrounded by water. You have to enter and exit via a bridge. The colour of the water that surrounds Trogir attracted me from a mile away, even before we even knew it was Trogir. I would highly recommend stopping by and having a gelato or coffee and just breathing in the beauty of the town. The water that surrounds this tiny little town is worth the visit! Our video doesn’t do it justice so imagine seeing it for yourself!


After having a gelato and coffee at Trogir we decided to start making our way to KRKA national Park again. Driving along the beautiful coast you were surrounded by beautiful mountains in the back drop and gorgeous oceans such a gorgeous scene. It was getting hot and we thought we would go stop by the beach somewhere and have a little break to swim. We found a beach called Primosten, (found it on google). When we got there, it started to become a little overcast but it was still hot and the water was still beautiful! The only thing we did not like about the beach, was the it was a pebble beach! Hahahaha Matt and I are so used to the sandy beaches back in Sydney. We still had to get used to the pain of pebbles. 😛


Our final destination was KRKA National Park. One of the national parks I was excited to see and was one of the destinations we based our road trip and accommodation around. (I’ll have a more in depth post about KRKA national park a bit later). KRKA national park has many different waterfalls around the park. We got there at around 4pm so we only had to pay 140 Kuna for the entrance fee and left us until 8pm to get the last bus back to the car park. If you get there before 4pm, you pay 180Kuna for entrance fee. Our main goal was to swim at the largest waterfall in KRKA national park. Going at that time was such a good idea! So many people were leaving to go home and minutes before sunset were incredible.



Krka waterfalls

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If you guys did a road trip in Croatia, which towns did you visit? Let us know in the comments below x



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