Before we moved to London, Matt and I decided that we wanted to travel just a little bit before we had to settle down and start looking for a place. Rather than doing multiple cities in different countries, we decided to choose one country and explore the cities there. We chose ITALY!

I know when planning for a trip, it’s always good to see how many days people chose to stay in each city, what they saw and perhaps if they felt that it was the right amount of time spent there. Well I know that’s what I get curious about!

Down below was our itinerary and how long we stayed in each place. I felt like we gave these cities/town a good go and spent the time needed in each city to enjoy it without rushing too much. Our only regret was not staying long enough in Naples and Assisi. I’ll also try and include what tours and sites we did from there if I remember them all 😔

I’ll be doing separate blog posts on each city a bit later but if you want any other information before then, just write in the comments below and I’ll reply with an email 😃

NAPLES: 2 nights

  • Pompeii Ruins
  • Mount Vesuvius


SORRENTO: 3 Nights

  • day trip to Amalfi Town
  • boat tour of Isle of CAPRI
  • day trip to Positano

ROME: 4 nights

  • The Colosseum
  • The Vatican
  • St Peter’s Basilica
  • Fountain Di Trevi

ASSISI: 1 Night

  • town of Assisi
  • Basilica Of San Francesco
  • we had the most AMAZING TRUFFLE pasta (Not a tour, just REALLY worth Mentioning- separate Blog post to follow) Here is a video though! 


FLORENCE: 4 Nights

  • Cattedrale Di Santa Maria Del Fiore (Duomo)
  • Galleria Dell’Accademia which houses the famous DAVID by Michelangelo

Sunsets over Florence 😍 captured by my amazing hubby @nie70 #pontevecchio

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  • Stayed in Corniglia
  • Vernazza
  • Riomaggiore
  • Monterosso Al Mare
  • Manarola

MILAN: 3 Nights

  • Duomo Di Milano
  • Day trip to Lago Di Como (Lake Como)

Duomo Di Milano- one of the most iconic buildings in Milan #cathedral

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I know we didn’t do all the typical touristy things that others may have on their list but some days Matt and I chose to just go roaming around the city and chill for the day rather than hopping on a tour.

Everyone values different things while travelling. Matt and I love embracing the culture and immersing into it as much as we can rather than spending a couple of minutes here and there for a photo and then BANG, straight  onto the next site. So if you are that type of traveler (nothing wrong with that 🙂 )  I’m sure you would be able to fit in wayyyy more than we did and do extra tours on top of what we did :).

If you guys have any other tours that you felt like was a MUST DO and we missed out on, Please pop it down in the comments below and would love to hear what they were Matt and I aren’t done with Italy yet! So it might be on our next trip 😉 ALSO, this was a very vague itinerary so if you want to know more details e.g. how we got from each city, which hotels and air BnB’s we stayed at there will be other blog posts for it, but if you can’t wait til then (cause your trip is coming up) comment below with your questions and email and I’ll Reply xx

2 Replies to “ITINERARY ITALY”

  1. Love your posts, Kerstin!

    I agree! There is too much to see. Best to pick a few spots you can properly explore. Duomo in Florence was good for working off all the food, haha! Of all the places in Italy you listed, I love Firenze the most. Don’t know where I went, I just enjoyed getting lost. And fell in love with their many fornos (English: bakeries).

    This time, I will visit a northern wine region and finally see the Amalfi Coast (only a day trip in Naples though, haha). I will be sure to try the local restaurant you recommended in Naples.

    My other Italian favourites and what you may want to add for your next trip are: Dolomites (it’s like a smaller Banff with A LOT of Italian charm. The picturesque lakes are a bit of a hike but at least no bears!) and Malescine in Lago Di Garda! 😍❤️

    1. aww thanks Michelle!! <3 so happy that you enjoy reading them!

      SO much to see in Italy! I love that too! getting lost and just exploring everywhere! so good when you don't have a time limit and don't have anywhere to be.

      Yay! Amalfi coast is so beautiful! you'll definitely love it there! I have a food recommondation if you're stopping by Sorrento! so let me know if you are xx

      Yasss hahah try it when you're in Naples and let me know if you like it! definitely one of my favourite restaurants <3

      hahah yeah i've been dying to go Dolomites, I really wanted to go to Lago Di Braies aka Pragser wildsee (i think we've spoken about it before) during this trip but our time ran out cause we had to go back to London to pick up our IDs.. definitely going to add it to our travels next time x

      Which one did you prefer, Banff or or Dolomites? haha might be a tough question though! hahah xx

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