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The Amalfi Coast was a highly recommended place by everyone who had been to Italy!Some would even say it’s one of their favourite cities and I know my hubby is one of them. We would really recommend doing an Isle of Capri Boat Tour if you get the chance.  The Amalfi coast is on the southern coast of Italy and has a gorgeous coastline with an amazing back drop of the mountains and colourful buildings. Matt and I based ourselves in the gorgeous town of Positano. From here we would do day trips to visit the other towns along the Amalfi Coast. One of the other towns highly recommended to visit was Isle Of Capri! After a few nights staying in Positano, we moved along and used Sorrento which was another town just before The Amalfi coast as our other base.

That was too much fun 👭 🌞 #Positano #Amalficoast #Italy

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Isle of Capri was one of the places I really wanted to visit, we were contemplating on staying a couple of nights there but we knew it was a small island and would rather use the time to explore other parts of the Amalfi Coast (so many gorgeous towns! so little time). So the next best thing (in our opinion) was to get there and tour the island by boat.Not the massive ferries but an intimate boat with max 8- 12 people.

Also, have you guys heard about the Blue Grotto? Omg it’s an amazing grotto or cave which you have to enter via a small row boat and the water there has an amazing illuminating blue colour. This grotto is part of Capri and you can only access it by a little row boat.

Our host Emily from our Hotel called “Emily Suites” asked us what we wanted to do while we were staying in Sorrento. We told her that we really wanted to do Capri by boat and visit the Blue Grotto. Luckily her friend Fernando had 2 spare spots on their tour boat for the next day! (I’ll also share the details down below).


  • Green Cave
  • Coral Cave
  • White Cave
  • Blue Cave
  • Faraglioni
  • Stop in Marina Piccola
  • Free time to visit the Island of Capri
  • Light Lunch (sandwich )
  • Drinks served on board too


Like I mentioned previously, one of the main reasons why we wanted to visit Isle of Capri was to see this gorgeous blue grotto. I don’t know what it is, but I always get attracted to the intense blue water no matter what shade it is! As we were part of a group tour, time is very limited. Matt and I are the type of travellers that like to take our time and have a few moments cherishing the place as opposed to having a couple of minutes here and squeezing in SO MUCH you forget that you went there. (I’m not opposing that, but we just value different things to those who choose to travel that way).

When our group went to line up for the Blue Grotto, the wait was around 2 hours. At the time, I didn’t mind waiting but the rest of the group wanted to leave. So of course we had to do what majority of the group wanted. There was another way to access the blue grotto through the town so we thought we might as well try going that way instead of dragging the rest of the group with us.


The gorgeous colours of Capri 😍

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When we arrived at Marina Piccola, we had lunch right away so that we could line up on the bus to head into capri town. The bus that picked us up was SOOO tiny and cute! hahah no wonder there was a line to head into town. When we reached the top, the VIEW was absolutely breath taking! I didn’t get a photo but I do have video footage. 

We went to line up for the bus that actually gets us to the blue grotto. We found out that line would be a 1hr wait. Matt and I made a decision to just skip it altogether. We would have had to line up 1 hour for the bus and then another 2 hours for when we got to the Blue Grotto. We wanted to enjoy ourselves in Capri rather than wait in line the whole time!


I’m sure the Blue Grotto would have been amazing to see and lining up would have been WORTH IT! But because we were only there for literally a day, we wanted to take a few more moments and enjoy the island. We went back to our boat and it was completely empty, our skipper left the boat and told us to enjoy it! It was sooooo nice!! Being surrounded by the gorgeous BLUE water, faraglioni in the background soaking up the sun and enjoying a few beers was awesome! Sometimes you have to give up something good, to experience something GREAT. And I felt we made the right decision that day!

View from above 🙌🏼 📸: @nie70 . #jetsswimwear

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