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You know that photo you see on instagram where they are surrounded by this gorgeous BLUE water with snow capped mountains in the background? Yup, we’re talking about the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland! No matter how many gorgeous photos you see floating around on the internet, nothing will prepare you for this beauty! It’s one of those place that you HAVE to experience it for yourself. And no, in my personal opinion this place is DEFINITELY NOT overrated. The experience in itself was just amazing, and to be surrounded by this gorgeous blue was the cherry on top.

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Last month my hubby and I went to Budapest and we experienced 2 thermal bath houses (Szechenyi  Thermal Bath House & Gellert Thermal Bath House which were quite different compared to one another) and so we thought we have a very similiar experience to either one of them. But the moment you enter Blue Lagoon, you can already notice the difference! Budapest bath houses were more traditional and had kept to the decor of how it would have been when they first opened it. Blue Lagoon was definitely the opposite! You can feel how luxurious it was the moment you step inside the centre- and it was picturesque!

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BOOK NOW! trust me 🙂

Blue Lagoon was definitely a MUST DO for both my hubby and I so we knew we wanted to do it on our last night we were there in reykjavik. What we forgot to do was to book our session *face palm*. It wasn’t until we bumped into a friend and they asked us if we had booked our tickets to the Blue Lagoon (as we were heading there in a week and a half or so at the time). As soon as we said ‘no’, they advised us to book it as soon as we can as her friend had missed out.
So lucky we bumped into them because when we went to book it that night the earliest session they had was 7pm and we were even willing to change a bit of itinerary for it ! I was pretty devastated as I really wanted to go during the day or even get there at one of the first sessions (8am) but we were just so thankful we got tickets anyway.

Tip: some prices are dependant on the availability of the time slot and gets higher as the session and date comes closer. If you know when you are going to the Blue Lagoon, book it now so you can pay a better price for a time that you like.


A consequence of us booking our tickets so late is that we knew we didn’t have much time there as the centre closes at 10pm. We were going at a time where we couldn’t have dinner at the restaurant either as it would be too late once we finished the session. So we opted for the basic one “comfort”
  • entrance to Blue Lagoon
  • towel hire
  • first drink of your choice (can be alcoholic or not)
  • Silica Mud Mask
  • locker use


The minerals in the water are AMAZING for your skin but not for your hair. They told us to have a shower and condition our hair before we enter the pool and once we’e done, we should tie up our hair in a bun! I kinda forgot this step and so when I went into the bath I saw others have their hair up which reminded me to put mine up too. But it was too late! My hair was too heavy and gritty that when I tried to tie it up in a bun, it would just get stuck! So I just left it out. Later that night when I was getting ready to go home, I had a shower and conditioned my hair 3-4 times and could still feel the grittiness of my hair. It was sooo gross! Blow drying my hair felt even worse! It took me about a week of washing my hair to make it feel normal again! ahahah so yes, listen to what the workers tell you to do to avoid all of this hehe.


  • if you are just going to go with the comfort package, bring some thongs/ flip flops/ slippers as you’ll be in and out of the shower and pool
  • bring your camera (if it’s waterproof) and have a wrist band or lanyard attached to it! My phone fell in the water and you can’t see a thing! I literally had to look for it with my feet 😃 would’ve been so much better if I had a lanyard or anything attached to it.
  • bring moisturising cream
  • bring a brush (even if you did tie you hair in a bun, your hair would still get gritty from the splashing of the water but not to the extent of mine). it’ll be easier to brush your hair during the conditioning stage
  • come a bit earlier than your session- Matt and I arrived 30 minutes before our session started as we didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. and wanted to make the most of our time there. We lined up anyway. It took about 15-20 minutes until we got to the front of the line and they let us in anyway.
If anyone else has any tips about the blue Lagoon, we would love to hear it too xx


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