How to get to the Figure 8 Pools Royal National Park Coastal Walk

COASTAL WALK- Royal National Park 

This was the first Hike I did when I got back to Sydney and it made me realise how much I absolutely LOVE Sydney. Been travelling for almost 6 weeks straight and to come home to this was just an eye opener as to how beautiful it really was.

I discover as I do more and more hikes, the journey may difficult at the time both physically and mentally but when you get to the destination it is so worth while!

Matt and I were blessed with a beautiful day to hike and the tides were just perfect! The hike took around an hour and 15 mins each way and was okay in the shade, but as soon as you leave the path, you pretty much come out into direct sun light which means the sun just burns on you.

The most challenging part was probably the huge amounts of rocks we had to climb in order to get here. Some parts were very slippery and silly me decided to wear my brand new nikes which had no grip on it so I’d be very careful around the wet rocks. Even doing that, I slipped on some moss and landed right on my butt! Lucky I have some padding 😉

When we arrived there, we ALMOST didn’t see it until we saw a guy jump in the air and disappear into the rocks and that when we noticed we were standing amongst these huge rock pools. When you get there, it might be easy to miss but as you get closer to the rock pools, the whole place looked incredible. The water was just so crystal clear!


  1. park at Garawarra Farm, off Garie Road
  2. Take the path that takes you down through to Burning Palms Beach.
  3. Once you go down to the beach, walk along it until you get to HUGE Rocks/boulders (if you’re facing the beach, it means you turn right or South) . You have to use your climbing skills to climb through the rocks.
  4. follow the coastline and you should pass around 3 peaks on the coastline and get to figure 8 pools.
  5. there are no signs saying you are already there so look out for rock pools/sink holes

I’ll post photos along the way for each point so you know what each check point looks like but for NOW i hope these instructions serve you well!

This is a short clip of us going back to the car 🙂


  1. take some water, it gets HOT when you are not in the shade
  2. wear a hat and sunscreen
  3. check when the tides are low. it is more visible when the tides are low so time your walk – tides change every day so PLAN ahead
  4. wear shoes with good grip. The areas with moss are very slippery
  5. if it looks too dangerous, do not continue. there might be rangers telling you to stop and turn back

figure8 1

figure 8 3

figure 8 4


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