Top 13 Essential Items I can’t travel without

My must haves while I’m traveling or else I won’t have a good time! hehe just kidding!

  1. my skin care including cleanser, toner and my body and face moisturizing cream.
  2. sunscreen
  3. my toiletry bag
  4. probiotics- you never know when your stomach is highly sensitive to the local cuisine. Don’t want a stomach ache to ruin the holiday.
  5. a bikini! No matter where I go, I always try to remember to bring my swimmers cause the worst thing is when you go somewhere and they have an amazing pool or water activities. 
  6. My Straightener 😛 I Love having my hair curled, wavy or straight and I can’t do that without my straightener. Haha funny story: My fiancĂ© and I were on our way to the airport and we were probably 2 mins away from home and I remembered that I forgot to pack my straightener as it was the LAST thing I needed to pack. My fiancĂ© refused to go back to the house to get it. So in Thailand I was in search for a straightener for a week and couldn’t find one. On my very last night there, we went to have dinner and I saw a WHOLE shop dedicated to hair straighteners. LOL. From then on, it was a massive lesson for me to NEVER forget my straightener. haahha and I’m sure my fiancĂ© will make sure it’s packed too.
  7. a good book to read during down time, like waiting at the airport or lounging around the pool. Imagine being stuck at the airport with no internet and no shops around. How boring is that! 
  8. a playlist full of audios. I love personal development and think that it’s essential for us to have a positive outlook on life. Also makes you feel good 🙂
  9.  iPad/ laptop full of movies or TV series just incase all the movies on the planes don’t really tickle my fancy.
  10. our cameras!! I Love taking video footage and beautiful photos of the scenery. I’ve always liked to document almost everything I eat and places I visit! hahaha crazy I know, but I just love doing it! I just don’t want to forget my experiences in life and I guess the best way to do it is with photos
  11. universal adaptor- so you don’t have to rely on concierge or your hotel room to have it. You don’t want to have to wait in line to use one.
  12. electric power board- can charge multiple electronics simultaneously with just 1 adaptor
  13. my chargers for all my electronics 

What are the essential items you HAVE to bring while traveling? comment below 

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