Tip Of the Week: Bananas

I add bananas to a lot of my smoothies, which means at our house we buy loads of bananas at a time. I get the occasional over ripe bananas which is okay because you can make a few things such as gluten free banana bread or you can prevent that by chopping up your bananas and freezing them.

This not only makes a delicious cold smoothie without having to dilute it with ice but it is so convenient!

Follow the instructions below to avoid yourself wasting bananas! I actually learnt the hard way and put a WHOLE banana in the freezer and when it was time to make a smoothie, I couldn’t peel it because it was just literally scrape off the peel in layers AND defrosting it defeated the purpose.


  1. make sure you get ripe bananas (you don’t want the green ones). I prefer to have some brown spots on the banana because its a bit sweeter
  2. peel your banana
  3. slice your banana into smaller pieces
  4. place your sliced bananas into a freezer bag
  5. use the bananas whenever you want

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