Introduction to Matt and Kerstin’s Travel Vlog

We’re finally doing it!

Travel has always been a big part of our relationship and It’s always been our personal project to start a vlog but we always just dibbled and dabbled in to it and we never had the time to be fully committed.

Now that we are married, and realised we’re not really ready to settle down yet, we decided to pack up our things, leave Sydney and start traveling around Europe and see where this trip will take us. We thought this would be a perfect time to get out of our comfort zone and put ourselves out there to document our travels, to meet and connect with like minded people along the way.

Hopefully by doing this, it will inspire others to do what makes them happy and fulfilled in life. We also thought this would be such a great way to track our memories and also to keep our family and friends updated with what we are up to on a week to week basis We hope you Enjoy it!

Matt & Kerstin xx

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