Anantara Veli Maldives Dinner by Design

Maldives: Dinner By Design

This was a gorgeous experience! Matt and I got a complimentary honeymoon dinner from Anantara Veli as part of our package but we really wanted another experience where we could choose the menu and where to have it. So this dinner was an added extra we paid for but it was a beautiful set up!

You basically get to choose the location of your dinner and what time you wanted to start being served. You also get to choose the menu and the style that you want it to be cooked. I might actually do a separate post on this and show you the meals we chose.

The location we chose was called the “wave Breaker” and you’re basically secluded area where the waves meet the resort. What made it special was that it was only Matt and I in this area and we had our own butler serving us. Felt so romantic!


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