I walked on fire!!

Yep, That’s right!! Last Friday night.. I walked on FIRE!!

I did it with another 5000 people who went to Unleash the Power Within. Anthony Robbins held a four day seminar in Sydney over the weekend and it was spectacular!

I can’t believe I actually did it..! What an accomplishment and the feeling you get after you’ve done it is indescribable! You feel like you can accomplish anything. It was a really great metaphor how a lot of us approach life.

If you eliminate your fears, you can achieve anything you want. If we were able to put ourselves in a very strong state of mind to walk on BURNING hot fire, we can most likely do anything we put our mind to. It was a great activity to end our first day of the seminar.

 Moments Before walking on the fire 

I remember walking with my partner I had just met about an hour ago. We had to pair up and be buddies with someone you didn’t know. I liked that idea because your conquering a great fear with someone you literally just met!

We were on our way to the back of the stadium and we were all just so excited and we were all really pumped up! We had to line up in a single file and I was in a different line to my Fiancé, but I still got to see him. Just before he was going to step on the fire bed, they topped it up with NEW coal and they did the same with our line too!

I was watching him, and then next thing you know it was already my buddy’s turn to go. She did such a great job and I was so pumped for her, I felt like it would be a breeze!

There I was at the foot of the fire, and there was a lady there who reassured me everything was fine and I was okay to go! So I did!! I didn’t FEEL ANYTHING until my very last steps. I had forgot to say “Cool Moss” that whole time! Cool moss was something we got taught to distract ourselves from the heat of the fire. It was such a quick experience and they sprayed my feet with water and next thing you know, I was celebrating with my buddy at the end of the process.. AMAZING experience!!

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