Hot & Juicy Crawfish

I am a MASSIVE fan of the tv series ‘Man Vs Food’. If I’m in a location and Man Vs Food featured food there, I will try my hardest to find my way there (only if i liked what they were serving)! On this trip, I had already visited ‘Crown Burgers’ in Utah. After asking the opinion of many cab drivers and they were still giving it the 2 thumbs up, I had to go even MORE.


Matt loves his seafood, so I really wanted to take Matt here after I found out that they served seafood in their own delicious special hot sauce! They cook the seafood of your choice in their sauce and serve them in plastic bags. They don’t serve it on any plates so you literally rip the bag open and put it on your table and eat from there. You are given gloves and bibs to help with the messy eating. The seafood we chose were crawfish (of course), prawns and mussels. They were all delicious but the mussels came out a tad too salty. This place was really cheap, the prices were approximately $11 per pound depending on market price at the time.

After indulging in a really big meal (we finished everything including sides) we decided to walk back to the strip. Took us over an hour to get back but we didn’t mind, it was beautiful weather.

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