Shake Shack Review London

Shake Shack Review London

Shake Shack has always been one of my TOP American Burger chains I have always wanted to try! First time I came to a city that served shake shack- LONDON! wooohoooo I was so excited when I found out that Shake Shack was close by to us. All three branches are pretty close to each other so if one is busy, you can easily walk to the next one (if you like walking 😃 ) and that’s what we did that day! If you can’t be bothered to read this whole review, you can check out our video on our youtube channel instead

How did I hear about Shake Shack?

Burgers are one of my massive weaknesses! Along with mayonnaise, I’d stay it would be a food of choice of my meals if I’m feeling like a cheat meal! I’ve calmed down a LOT now but i still occasionally love a really DIRTY, GREASY burger (who doesn’t?) You’d probably even noticed that when Im overseas, if I’m not eating their local food, I’d most likely be having a burger!
Anyway, when my cousins went to New York, they tagged me in a photo saying “you have to try this” (Im going to see if I can still find it!). When I opened up the photo it was a picture of delicious burgers from “Shake SHACK”. It was from then on (true story) I wanted to get my hands on that burger! Only problem was, there are NO shake shacks in Sydney and EVERY tiime we went to America, we’d go to a state where there is NO Shake Shack too. So coming to London and to have shake shack here was a MASSIVE THING for me! hahaha (seriously). haha talk about mentally HYPING IT up! hahaha I was sooo ready!

The Day Arrived

It was probably our second day when we settled down into our new room (our first room we can call home). Matt and I finally had free time together we decided to make a day of trying SHAKE SHACK for the first time! Told you it was a big DEAL.
We got to the Leicester square and it was way too busy for us so we decided to go to the Shake Shack in convent garden. Convent garden is beautiful anyway! You order your food from the counter and they give you a buzzer so you can pick up the food when it’s ready. The convent garden branch has only a small space for seating indoors and that’s normally really FULL. Their main area is in the courtyard outside.

What we ordered:

  • mushroom burger – shroom burger
  • chicken burger – Chicken Shack
  • 2 Cheeseburgers- ShackBurger
  • cheesy fries
  • peanut butter shake

Comparing other burger Joints

It was really hard to not compare with our favourite burgers at home.
Our favourite chicken burger and our go to place is from a place called “Superior Burger”
My favourite mushroom burger and the reason why I got into mushroom burgers cause they make it SOOOO DELICIOUS comes from  “Belfield on Botany” , and their chicken burgers would be a close second!”

It was really hard to not compare with our favourite burgers at home. Our favourite chicken burger is from a place called “superior burger” and our favourite mushroom burger comes from “Belfield on Botany, and there chicken burgers would be a close second!”.

So Matt and I ordered both the chicken burger and the mushroom burger from Shake shack and I know its unfair comparing gourmet burgers ( Superior Burger & Belfield on Botany) to a chain one (Shake Shack) but it was the ONLY way we could compare it.

First Impression

First order:
Mushroom burger, chicken burger, cheesy fries and peanut butter shake. Back in sydney, this would be a very filling meal. sometimes we’d order 2 fries depending on how hungry we are.
When it first came out, and Matt brought the tray to me, I immediately thought oh my goodness, we need to order MORE food. I remember saying “Oh is that all?”. These burgers were smaller than what we were used to back in Sydney and they were even smaller in my hands! Imagine what it looked like in Matt’s hands! hahaha I don’t know about you, but I like a good towering burger!


Crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheeses, topped with lettuce, tomato, ShackSauce™


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Review: The mushroom burger for me was an OK burger. It was a good bite sized burger and you can fit everything in your mouth without anything falling apart. I found that the mushroom covered in batter was quite nice and gave it good texture and crunch. Overall though, it was a bit underwhelming. Was there too much hype around the burger or did I just order the wrong thing?
On a scale of 1(bland burger) to 5 (Belfiend on Botany) what would I rate the burger?
Rating: 3
Crispy chicken breast with lettuce, pickles and buttermilk herb mayo.

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Review: This was a slightly bigger burger compared to the Shroom Burger but it was still quite small. The piece of chicken was good and wasn’t too dry which is a bonus (not everyone knows how to cook chicken and have it still juicy and tender haha). The battered coating on the chicken was nice and spicy. This tasted wayyyy better than the Shroom Burger
The chicken burger overall was good but doesn’t have enough sauce.
On a scale of 1 (bland burger) to 5(Superior burger) What would we rate the burger?
Rating 3.5


We felt a bit underwhelmed with the flavour and plus we were still hungry so we decided to order another burger each. This time we both got the cheeseburger called SHACK burger. The cheeseburger for me is definitely a classic and safe burger when you order from a restaurant. When you order a cheeseburger, its often create the standard of the burger joint in MOST (not all) cases.
Single or Double
Cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato, ShackSauce™.

Take a bite. #Shackfan snap by @whatsaridoing #ShakeShackUK

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Review: Again, it was a lot smaller than we’re used to. When I took the first bite, the first thing I noticed was that the patty wasn’t dry (which was something I noticed at five Guys London). This patty wasn’t too thin either so having a good patty was good! The flavour wasn’t there at all in my first bite. I felt that it was a good average burger again. Nothing special. Matt said “It’s a good simple burger” and lacks a bit of sauce. I think I feel the same way too.
Overall, out of all the beef burgers you’ve eaten. How do you rate this burger?
Rating: 3.5


Shake shack was a great experience but there was definitely a lot of hype around it so Matt and I were expecting a LOT from it. We’ve tried in-n-out and five guys in American and we really liked them. The thing is, five guys was one of our favourite burgers (chain burgers) but when we tried it here in London, it didn’t taste the same and we’ve had it a fair few times in London and Overseas to compare properly.

 So I think the ingredients would definitely impact the taste and quality of each burger. We definitely have to go back to America to try it again! A few things could have happened that day. It could have just been an off day at the restaurant and maybe wasn’t up to top notch on that day or we may have ordered the wrong burgers or maybe COVENT garden isn’t the best branch to try it at.
If there is a secret menu out there.. please TELL us or if there are any HACKS to make the burger taste nicer, also let us know. We definitely want to give Shake Shake London another go as we can’t just base it on a one time experience. Hopefully the next time would be better 😃
It was definitely a decent burger with great customer service but we’ve just had better burgers (sorry) So hard not to compare! If you want to see our REAL TIME REACTIONS (I feel like it’s so much harder to put it in words) check out our video instead xx


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