Video: Kawasan Water Falls Cebu Philippines- CLIFF Jumping & Canyoneering


The famous Kawasan Falls was one of the reasons that lead my husband and I to Cebu, Philippines. I remember one day, Matt sent me a photo of this gorgeous waterfall that had a beautiful colour of blue.

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So when we decided to have a mid Trip to Bali & Philippines, we HAD to visit the Kawasan Falls. Before a trip, I love researching where to go and what to do when we get there. I’ve visited the Philippines many times, but this would be my first time to Cebu City. While I was researching on how to get to Kawasan falls, I saw that there a unique way to discover the falls. Attached to the Falls is a Canyon which will eventually lead to the famous blue waters of Kawasan. You can do this through canyoning, also known as canyoneering. You swim, jump tall cliffs, walk through the crystal clear and blue waters until you get there.

I love being adventurous and being outdoors! So any new way to discover a place would be amazing!

SO here’s the thing..

the REASON for us coming to Cebu was KAWASAN FALLS. We had to see this gorgeous waterfall ourselves to believe how beautiful it was. I was getting so obsessed with how to get there and where to stay so that we can take advantage of our time there to go canyoning.

When we arrived at our resort (which was 2-3 hour drive to from cebu city) , we hired our scooter as there was NO public transport around only scooters, bikes, tricycles and horses (not even joking), booked our tour to swim with the Whale Sharks in OSLOB and then booked our tour for canyoneering at Kawasan Falls.




When we were booking our tour through our resort, they told us that the company that they usually book through were not taking ANY tour groups to Kawasan Falls because it was “Closed”. You could have seen the look on my face when they said that! Pretty sure I looked devastated. The receptionist called another company to confirm that it was closed, and they said the same thing!

I remember going back to the room and researching myself and trying to figure out if it was closed. They kept telling me that the Government closed it during this time because the weather conditions (monsoon season) were too harsh to let any tourists through the canyons just incase the rocks fall. Also, we found out that there were 2 deaths which also made them close it down.

With my persistence, I called other touring companies and they said the same thing! I still didn’t believe that they would close the waterfall down! Wouldn’t there be any other information saying that Kawasan Falls was closed?

The Next Day

The way that I had planned Cebu was that we get a scooter and explore the island during one day and the next day we swim with the whale sharks, and do all the other little activities in between.

When we got the scooter, the man (JP) who dropped off our scooter asked us what we were doing for the day. We told him that we wanted to go check out the waterfalls and see if it’s really closed down (hahah shows how persistent Matt and I when we really want something!) He noticed we were holding a go pro and told us that he is also a tour guide for kawasan falls and asked us if we wanted to go Canyoneering. I told him that we heard it was closed down and he said, NO only certain parts are closed, but we can still go there and do cliff jumping. Matt & I were a bit hesitant because it was PURE LUCK that we had JP drop off the scooters but was also a tour guide. LUCKY we said yes because it was such a great experience!!

Check out our Video down below and see what our adventure was like. If you have any questions on the tour that we did, comment below or email me at [email protected] and I’ll connect you with our tour Guide. JP was so patient with us and was so friendly! I would totally recommend him!

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