Hire a car and try and do as many sites yourself. I think tours are great for the ones who aren’t as confident driving on the road, if you go in winter or if you don’t have that many days there. There are amazing tour companies out there that will most likely have the sites that you want to visit anyway! We chose to do everything ourselves as we didn’t want to spend the whole time in Reykavik. We actually only ended up staying on one night in town! The other 4 nights we stayed in these cute little cabins away from any other main towns

Day 1.. and I’ve already fallen in love ❤️

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Once you’ve decided how many days you want the car for, I suggest you book the car as soon as you can. So many people love to drive around Iceland so you don’t want to wait til you get there to hire a car. Especially if you’re planning a trip in every other season other than WINTER. Matt and I went at the end of winter and early spring and all the roads were open. I didn’t see too many cars on the road all the time, but when we did get to the restaurants and some sites, the parking lot was chockablock.


We had booked iceland LAST year! Matt and I had a list of air bnbs/hotels as tentative options but we didn’t actually book anything. We wanted to research and research before we locked ourselves into a place to stay. Guess what? we ‘researched’ so much about the sites we wanted to go to BUT didn’t end up booking anything! That list of options reduced HEAVILY and so we were forced to book because we were afraid that accommodation ran out. Even though accommodation was running low, we still had a criteria to help us with our experience and they way Matt and I though we would enjoy it.
  • ideally didn’t want to stay in Reykjavik the whole time
  • stay in a cabin for at least 2 nights
  • close to a few sites (don’t want to waste a WHOLE DAY to see 1 thing – unless it was REALLY worth it of course!)
  • be in a secluded area and not too close to a main town
    • this would be a bonus if you’re chasing Aurora Borealis ( The Northern Lights)

We found a few accommodations that we really loved and was within our budget. We ended up going with finding 2 cabins from air BNB and our hotel from www.hotelscombined.com. We were really happy with our cabins (I’ll do a separate post later) as both of them were very secluded and at night, we weren’t near any light pollution so chances of seeing The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) was high… and guess what!!? we did see them on our second night! It was beautiful! That’s the beauty of staying away from Reykjavik.

We only stayed in Reykjavik for one night. We wanted to check out the town or walk around it for a day and we also wanted to go to the Blue Lagoon the night before we left. It was just more out of convenience to stay in Reykavik the last night.


Our trip was planned out pretty much a week before we were to leave (or even just a few nights before we left). We had an idea of where we wanted to go and see. Remember all the research we did before we booked accommodation? Yeah that kinda went out the door, but I guess we knew we had a few MUST DO’s that we HAD to do before we left Iceland.

the crazy thing about Iceland is that the weather is so unpredictable! You can get ALL seasons in one day so what you had ‘planned’ might have to be tweaked according to the weather. I remember some mornings we had to change our plans because of the weather or if you’re chasing the Northern lights, what nights you should be home to catch it when there wasn’t too much cloud activity. So have a plan, but be prepared to accommodate depending on the weather. We would change our activities based on the weather. There are some activities you can do regardless if it rains or not, and there are others, you just prefer if it didn’t.


We based our itinerary on
  • weather
  •  location of our accommodation
  • northern lights
  • ‘MUST DO’ list


Picked up our car and went up north to go find some seals before we checked into our Air BnB at Akranes

So lucky to have seen the northern lights right outside our little cabin

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Dc3 Plane Wreck abandoned DC plane on Sólheimasandur

Solheimasandur Plane Wreck 📍Iceland 📷 @kerstinsherie

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Skogafoss Waterfall

Yasssss the sun finally came out ❤️ annnnd a rainbow too 😊🌈 📸: @nie70

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Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Reykjadalur hot springs


Black Sand Beach- Vik

Black Sand Beach from above #mesmerizing

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checked into our cute little Airbnb- Cabin in BLASKOGABYGGO

Our little cabin in Bláskógabyggo #Regram @kerstinsherie

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Faxi Waterfall (GOLDEN CIRCLE)


Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon

This place was sooo picturesque that it looked fake! So stunning

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Diamond Beach

Exploring Diamond Beach 📸 @kerstinsherie

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sólheimajökull glacier



Kerid Volcano

Blue Lagoon 


Checked out of our hotel room

Had lunch at Icelandic Fish & Chips

Walked around town

We knew we couldn’t see EVERYTHING we really wanted to see. But we chose the itinerary that suit us the most. Iceland is definitely a GORGEOUS place that offers you insane landscapes and showcases the BEAUTY of nature all in one PLACE! Matt and I chose to take our time a little bit longer to enjoy it so if you do have a list and only feel like this is going to be your first and last time seeing Iceland, then you can definitely squeeze a LOT more on your itinerary. If you want me to put a post on the IDEAL itinerary based on where we stayed to MAXIMISE your time there, let me know! It would be a bit different to the way our trip ended up like x


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