Hey everyone, it’s Kerstin Del Rio 🙂 I am a 26 year old Doctor of Chiropractor currently running a part time clinic and another part time business that focuses on health, nutrition and residual/passive income. 

As early as I could remember, I’ve always wanted to be someone who can help others by giving my time and help them live a better, happier & healthier life. 

Growing up, I was influenced by so many people in my family who were in the health industry and the fulfilment they were rewarded with was something admirable. One thing I found in common with them, was that they all had to sacrifice time with family in order for them to work. 

They managed it well, but growing up in an ever so growing family.. I valued my time much more. The loss of a very close and beloved family member due to health issues made me value my time and health of my family even more. It also made me embrace life, live life to it’s fullest, spend more time with my family and do what I love doing- discovering new places!

I studied 7 years altogether at university first starting with a Science in medical science degree and then with 1 year left to go, I transferred into Chiropractic which then took another 5 years. Both these degrees focused heavily on anatomy, health sciences and biochemistry. 

As a young child, I was very very athletic..my interest in sports were through the roof, I don’t even remember a lunch time or recess where I wasn’t running around!  My favourite days were Friday just because they were our sport days! As I went though highschool I was still very ‘sporty’. My build as a very skinny and athletic young child were quite extreme I used to be called ‘anorexic’. And I think this is where my unhealthy eating habits and my lack of self belief started to develop.

Calling a young child/growing teenager anorexic is probably as hurtful as a very obese child being called fat. It was weight I could just not put on! So this is where I started to focus on putting on weight.. And what makes a child put on weight? Of course fast food and anything unhealthy! This being the centre of me growing up had it’s toll on me, both physically and mentally especially as an adolescent maturing to an adult. Of course, when you stop playing sports and continue this diet, it definitely catches up to you.  

I’m not an overweight adult now, but I am a 25 year old who still have some of these habits to get rid of.. My love for food is quite big and I know there’s always room for improvement when it comes to personal development! I would probably say eating is one of my favourite things to do.. I know I’m at this age where I really have to consciously think of what I have to replenish and nourish my Mind and body as I believe they both interrelate and influence your lifestyle. 

Although I was studying health and the human body, I started a personal health journey 2 years ago when I started my own business and I’ve learnt so much just by being involved, so many things I did not know growing up (and wish I knew earlier, but it’s never ever too late to start right?!). I know I have so much to learn and grow, so my opinions about certain things will evolve with me as I discover and learn new things about diet, lifestyle and traveling. I’m putting it in blogs to show readers who can relate to me one way or another and come on this journey with me.  



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